Survival Waterproof Flask Fire Starter

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Perfect item to carry around in your Bug-Out-Bag. This small, light, convenient yet highly effective fire starter is waterproof, and works in all types of weather conditions. Just fill it with regular lighter fluid, soak the wick and strike it on the side for an easy ignition! 

  • Stainless Steel, and Durable


  • Small and Light


  • Waterproof, perfect for a variety of weather conditions


  • Keyring for easy transportation


  • Easy-to-Use design and ignition



*Lighter fluid is not included with this item and must be filled yourself, item is waterproof but don’t get the actual wick in the water because it will not work* 


*Due to a recent high demand for this product. The item will take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door*